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"The Grass Is Brown Everywhere"

Year's ago I took a job in Texas and when I started work I discovered that I had been "sold" on the job as much as I had been selling myself to the company.

After 2 weeks of discovering how this new job was even worse than my previous one, I returned to the former job (with a big pay increase) and coined the phrase "The Grass Is Brown Everywhere" to explain why I returned.

The acronym TGIBE became my username on many forums and accounts over the years...

500 Build Part III

Posted 04-17-2008 at 09:04 AM by TGibe (The Grass Is Brown Everywhere)

My 500 build is taking longer than I expected due to the high number of "honey do" projects I have going on. I remember reading a post by Rick Lohr where he talks about how his was delayed in part because of some house painting. My distractions are similar; Tint the house windows, build a water feature for our back yard, paint the trim on the house, etc.

However, I was able to carve out some time yesterday to assemble the tail, lube the belt, and get organized for the next...
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500 Build Part II

Posted 04-10-2008 at 11:51 PM by TGibe (The Grass Is Brown Everywhere)

Finished the frame and tail boom block tonight. Installed the servos, main gear, etc. It is starting too look like a real heli now

Some of the ESD work I did tonight:

-Installed metal bearing blocks and sanded them and the frame and verified continuity.
-Installed rdlohr's receiver mount.
-Installed a wire in the tail boom block to get continuity between the bearings and the boom.
-Used Aluminum hex bolts in the tail boom block.
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My 500 build begins

Posted 04-09-2008 at 10:17 PM by TGibe (The Grass Is Brown Everywhere)

Started my build Monday after work and made it most of the way through the head...Last night I finished the head and started prepping for the frame build...

Thoughts so far:
  • Finless videos are incredible I didn't use them on my 450 build until near the end, but I have to force myself to look at the manual as the step-by-step videos walk you right through everything...
  • After building an SEV2 as my first TRex I certainly appreciate the fac tthat the head was basically
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Remote Control Push Cart

Posted 03-29-2008 at 12:39 AM by TGibe (The Grass Is Brown Everywhere)

This falls under the category "And now for something completely different". (Please see my gallery for more Photos of my cart mod)

Last fall I purchased the electric version of Sun Mountain's Speed Cart.

For non-golfers the Speed Cart is a three wheeled push cart to carry your golf clubs. It rolls very easily and is extremely stable. Drive by any golf course where people actually walk and...
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Ready to start building my 500

Posted 03-24-2008 at 05:14 PM by TGibe (The Grass Is Brown Everywhere)

I will have everything I need to start building this week. Now all I need to do is carve out some time

For my 500CF Kit:
  • 3 Hitec HS5245MG for Cyclic
  • GY401/9254 for the tail
  • AR7000
  • 600e full size servo mount
  • 600 gear for a wider stance (novelty item)
My ESD reduction kit:
  • Metal Tail unit
  • Metal Tail pitch assy
  • Metal Main shaft bearing blocks
  • Copper foil tape for boom block
Hopefully I can start the build the weeknd of the 5th as next weekend is pretty...
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