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Extolling the virtues of XT150 connectors

Posted 08-23-2013 at 11:03 AM by TheBum

It's been a long time since I've had anything useful to blog, but I figured this was worth the effort.

After a recommendation by a couple of folks on the Compass forum, I decided to use XT150 connectors on my 7HV instead of the EC5s I was originally planning to use. There are fewer unnecessary connections with the XT150s and they're capable of carrying much higher current, which should make for better power transfer and less connector and wire bulk. They're also considerably less expensive than EC5s and easier to get apart (one friction connection instead of two).

By using the right combination of male/female/color, I ensure that it's almost impossible to hook things up wrong. I just make sure I always connect same-color connectors together. The only thing I can do disastrously wrong is connect the battery (+) and (-) terminals on a battery together, but I'm counting on myself not being that stupid and always observing the color rule.

The connectors come with red, black, and blue housings. The blue is handy for the series connection between packs. I made up sets of charging leads matching the colors of the individual battery connections, so I have one with red and blue (-) housings and the other with blue (+) and black housings.

Gender-wise, I used the following convention: on the power providing side of a connection, I use females on (+) and males on (-). Despite the instructions I've seen recommending putting the females in the larger housings, I put them in the smaller housings to reduce the risk of accidental contact. If the male connector makes contact with something, it's most likely going to be a ground connection, hence the reason for putting it on the (-) side.

For single-pack helis, I'll probably stick with EC5s, unless the heli uses a size shared with a multi-pack heli.

Here are a couple of pics of the connectors on the 7HV and on a battery set. The extra red connection on the right side of the heli is an ESC power bypass, allowing me to power the BEC for setup purposes without powering the ESC.

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