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HCHC was a loose knit Heli club in Austin Texas twenty years ago. We were very fortunate as a group to have a fellow that knew what he was doing join us and show us many things. We would pretty much fly anytime we could through pretty much any kind of weather. One morning we were out in 20 plus winds and misting rain when one of the guys said "You know, a person has got to be kinda serious or crazy to come out and try to practice in this kind of weather. I think we should call ourselves the Hard Core Helicopter Club. " Well the name stuck and someone even made up some hats for us. And no, not a one of us was flying a fixed pitch heli.

So this blog is called 3D HCHC. I now live in San Antonio Texas and hope HeliFreaks from this area visit

Found one place to fly

Posted 04-20-2008 at 04:23 AM by TuDogs (3D HCHC)

Over near IH 10 and Loop 410 about a half mile Northeast of that junction there are a few very large open fields where folks fly.

One of the hobby shop owners in town called them outlaw fields because it is not an "official" flying field. My answer to that is that these "official sanctioned" plank clubs do not have what heli guys want or need. Back in the day, the plank guys would bitch and moan about us chopper guys. They claimed it was unsafe to fly helicopters....
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Where are you?

Posted 04-20-2008 at 04:09 AM by TuDogs (3D HCHC)

Been visiting a few of the hobby shops in town and I know people are buying heli stuff. Just not a lot. A few blade 400 and even fewer T-Rexes and others.

Either they have crashed and given up or hiding somewhere. I am going to do some more research and see if I can find folks.
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My Models

Posted 04-20-2008 at 04:01 AM by TuDogs (3D HCHC)

I have two old Miniature Aircraft X-Cell sixties stored in a Barn in SE Texas. One is still in the box with missing rotor throw out bearings, tail boom and a main shaft. I put those on the other one that had a little tail boom strike. It had JR electrics in it and an OS 60 engine with a Super Tiger Carb installed. Also there is an old Circus Circus radio in that barn with a burned out diode in it. So since they are there and I am here, one could say I don't have a working chopper.
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