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New maneuver Tic-flip-toc and battery came unplugged

Posted 03-04-2008 at 10:41 AM by xStatiCa

Last Sunday at the field I was doing a maneuver that is like the two stops of a tic-toc on the two ends of maneuver with a flip in the middle of it spread over about 15 feet. You just keep going back and forth like a tic-toc. It looks something like below and requires full +12 pitch with a lower(for trex 600 standards) 1900 head speed for quite a bit of the maneuver. I don't know if I invented something new or it has already been done before .


I did this about 10 times around 20 feet up and then on the forward flip while inverted I lost power. I was able to auto it down amazingly(I have never practiced autos) with almost no headspeed left and just a very slight hard landing. My headspeed was probably around 1750 - 1800rpm when the power was lost because I was probably near +12 pitch. Nothing broke or damaged. I took the canopy off thinking the motor has ceased because of a bearing or something(Neu 1515/2.5d/f/h) and I noticed the battery came unplugged! The motor and ESC seem fine and were not hot.

I know everyone complains that deans are hard to disconnect but with using a $600 soldering Iron at work my deans are pretty easy to disconnect but not loose either.

I reconnected the battery and tried wiggling it around for a bit to see if the male deans on the battery tried working its way out but it didn't. I tried connecting it up to a new deans female connector to make sure the spring is still good and they both seemed the same as far as how tight they were.

The battery cable is pretty thick and long and I am sure some hard maneuvers could cause the cable to swing just a little bit but I find it hard to believe that there could be enough to cause it to disconnect.

I am very cautious when connecting up the battery and usually push it with extra force if I see even a slight gap between the male and female connector. I can recall the flight before that pushing on it a second time because there was a 0.5 mm gap but I don't recall the last connection for that flight. Maybe I just did not connect it all the way but I would find that VERY hard to believe because I am sure I would have noticed.

With all that said it seem more likely that I just didn't connect the deans up all the way and I would be happy if that were the case because I could trust the connectors again. I just really don't think that is what happened though. I have been doing tic-tocs off and on with this same setup configuration since last November with the heli and never once seen a battery connector even slighly backed out any at all.

I may never know so I will probably start securing the extra cable of the battery so that it can not move at all during flight or somehow figure out how to hold the deans together after it is connected to the flight logger just to be sure that it can't happen.

If this would have happened over the pond out back of my house I would be fishing for a heli. I really need to stop flying over water .
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    Long Nguyen's Avatar
    Make sure you got the original Ultra deans. There are some other brands which either fit loose or deform under heat of the soldering iron.

    I got the same problem but I did not have your luck. That was the first flight of my Synergy N9. I forgot to put velcro on my RX battery and I flew without the canopy. As I was testing it, I was doing some fast pirouetting and out of sudden the battery flew away. The heli just dropped like a brick with 50% of throttle and 1700rpm. I had to use my hand to manually close the carb barrel to stop the engine. Haha that was a really stupid mistake of mine
    Posted 03-05-2008 at 08:26 PM by Long Nguyen Long Nguyen is offline
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    xStatiCa's Avatar
    Yea these are the official deans connectors.

    Ouch. That sucks about your crash... It is only a matter of time before my next ooops happens .
    Posted 03-06-2008 at 02:15 PM by xStatiCa xStatiCa is offline
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    xStatiCa's Avatar
    turtle mentioned the maneuver I am doing might be a tumbling rainbow but without the arch of the rainbow (keeping the heli at the same altitude).
    Posted 03-07-2008 at 04:45 AM by xStatiCa xStatiCa is offline

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