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HeliFreak Social Groups
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HeliFreak Social Groups
Synergy N9 guys in SoCal area!
7 1 56 58
03:37 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
6 1 4 11
11:00 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Santa Clarita Valley local Freaks Rules: * Before you fly you must prove failsafe and throttle hold work! * No person except the pilot may be behind the flight line. * Camera persons shall not be in the way of a pilotís ability to run! * No flying over people if you screw up pack your things for that day. * No flying 3D until we see you fly in all orientations upright. Including controled circles. * Your equipment is subject to inspection before flying. We have youngsters. * No bad attitudes on the field. If you want to fight go away.
7 1 12 23
11:23 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Let us know your rants or raves. Your areas weather how much your weather professional sucks in your area. Keep it clean but make it funny and we'll all survive till spring together....
5 1 35 8
09:09 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
If your a skydiver, having made 1 jump or 10,000, or just thought about making a skydive, this is the place for you.
14 1 14 6
08:08 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
This Group is dedicated too all the proud members of The Pitchbrothers Society. For more infomation about the Pitchbrothers go to:
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HeliFreak Social Groups
Killeen Texas heli flying
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HeliFreak Social Groups
Aerial photography pilots invited!
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HeliFreak Social Groups
Outlaw Heli Club: Flying ONLY at non-sanctioned fields. :D
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