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HeliFreak Social Groups
Created with the intention to create a workspace and collaboration for fine tuning the tuning process and setup for these awesome flybarless systems.
11 1 3 0
12:11 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Locals interested in flying within the area... Send PM to join.
18 6 1,351 22
HeliFreak Social Groups
If you are canadian, you can join!
111 5 50 12
10:32 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
A place for Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Residents who fly electric heli's, to gather and enjoy conversation online and offline including flying at local parks, sanctioned flying fields and chatting about electric heli's at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants here locally in the Greater Cincinnati area. Welcome to anyone in the area flying a small fixed pitch to a 700+ size collective electric RC Helicopter to share thoughts, opinions, flying sites and just have fun!
16 7 27 5
12:47 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
This group is for central San Joaquin Valley California.
74 157 3,629 615
07:56 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
For those down under in the land of the long white cloud.
33 7 15 6
01:02 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Anyone from the Cape Fear region of North Carolina (Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas) is welcome here.
12 3 13 0
01:13 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
group for the buladean,boone,spruce pine and bakersville north carolina area and any one close by.
2 1 1 0
01:07 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Owners of RCAerodyne Chaos series of heli's.
22 3 3 0
10:42 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Anybody That Uses Skookum FBL Are Welcome ! Come Share Tips, Stores, Ideas and Experience With One Another & Expand Our Knowledge With FBL ! A good sense of humor is highly advised, lol If you have a Skookum you to will be Assimilated !
99 25 96 10
HeliFreak Social Groups
This group is for all of us Helifreaks in Washington State and the general NW. Organize meets, fun fly's, meet and greats, and discuss general heli topics! Members of Hot Start Heli are strongly encouraged to join.
132 15 140 19
01:06 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
1 0 0 0
HeliFreak Social Groups
An unofficial, unorganized groups of heli flyers from MN. Don't have a field, don't have meetings, just have fun.
37 11 39 0
07:48 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Anyone who loves there 200 SRX come chit chat and exchange info and tips or pics. With the new Safe Mode being used with this little Heli it has made flying helis fun and easy again
7 2 2 0
HeliFreak Social Groups
15 1 10 0
12:24 PM
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