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All Walkera owners are welcome.
119 52 181 24
A growing bunch of like-minded heli flyers who fly together every chance they get at our "Field of Screams" in Damascus, Oregon. We are a no-drama group of pilots who are genuinely committed to helping our members advance their flying skills, make sure their birds are set up optimally and have as much fun as they possibly can as they beat the air into submission. AMA Chartered Club #5060
101 1,507 13,642 420
03:44 PM
A group for Helifreaks in the wny area. Also a place to make new friends, give advice, plan get-together's etc.
36 13 108 5
Naples Florida RC flying Club with two fields. Electrics, Fuel, Planes of all sizes, Helis and Drones all Welcome. Facebook page: Website:
1 1 1 4
06:31 PM
A group for Heli addicts from canada
74 2 44 4
08:06 PM
This is a group for Tech Model Products Tandems! So join if you fly a Twinn Rexx or are in the process of buying, building or helping others.
35 1 20 10
03:36 PM
Just two simple rules to be a part of this group: 1. You must have a T-Rex 500 2. You must submit a picture of your 500 to the group :-) Have fun guys!
214 16 141 171
03:07 AM
A place for all rotorheads from AZ.
76 7 330 9
03:31 AM
Must own at least 1 TSA Model Infusion heli. This manufacturer is one of if not the most underrated r/c helicopter manufacturers in the r/c helicopter industry, if not just the U.S. Durability is the name of their game and boy they bring it!
5 1 3 0
10:51 AM
This group is for all of us Utah Helifreaks. All members from any of Utah's AMA clubs are encouraged to join as well as any one who may not be part of an AMA club. We will provide updates and coordinate on club fun flies as well as other local events.
1 0 0 0
East Tennessee,Southeast Kentucky
21 25 173 8
02:27 PM
Locals interested in flying within the area... Send PM to join.
18 6 1,350 22
Speak 2 (or more) languages? Join our group!
16 1 11 0
Orlando folks who are either new to the hobby or don't mind being around N00bs....
13 22 129 34
07:11 PM
If you live or are stationed in South Korea, please join this group! Not many of us around. Anyone can create a new discussion here. You must live here, be heading here, or used to fly here...
7 4 6 3
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