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Newbies: Tips and Information Section of HF, specifically for Passing along info to newcomers to the hobby. Setup, tweaking, orientation practice, etc.

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Default New to heli's

My name is Thomas Baldwin. I don't own any Heli's yet, but I am hoping to change all that. Is there anybody in Arkansas that could help me get started. I don't know how you got started in all this but its scary. I don't want to spend the money on the wrong stuff or crash and burn my first flight. Thanks for any info you can help me with

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First thing is to buy a simulator. I would recommend getting G2 w/ the transmitter since you can find them on these boards used for cheap. That will give you a feel for what your in for. Practice on the simulator and decide what size heli you are after. All this while reading and asking question on the forum and you will be ready to purchase, build, etc.

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Get a Simulator!
Decide where you want to go before you lay out any cash. If you want to go nitro, start with a 30-50 bird, If e-power is your thing, go for the Trex.
Either way you'll need a radio, and gyro of decent quality.
You can google "flight model simulator" for a freebie sim, not the greatest but it is functional and covers the basics. A Nintendo-style gamepad for your PC runs about $20, and Wal*Mart has 'em. Again, not the best, but functional..
good luck, and ask questions! We were all new to this too.
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Welcome Twsly76

I'm about 70 miles northwest of you in Heber Springs and would be happy to help you. In L.R. theres a few guys that fly at the Farm Club over towards Sweet Home off 540? Look in the event section for Central AR Funfly and you can get a map and see where its located.

I've been flying just a little over a year now and have been loving it and fly just about every weekend though I'm the only heli flyer around my area. Drop me a PM if you want to get together. I'll be guiding this weekend so I wont get to fly much but the weekend after I'll be blowin smoke.

Like they said above start with a simulator. I got an old Great Planes G2, spent a month with that while I was shopping and building and when I finally filled the tank it was all good from there. I still put in a few hours on the sim every week and it still helps.
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I am over in Tulsa, but make it to Tahlequah Oklahoma on a pretty regular basis. I would be happy to show you around a bit if you like.

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