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Default King 3 tail wont lift and just spins around

Hi, All

I have just changed my reciever to a dx6i on my bird, I went for my first flight today and basically the tail will not lift only the front, the tail just sticks in the ground and as soon as the nose lifts it also spins round to the left really quickly I am not sure why it is doing this is there anything I need to check?
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Sorry for being such a pain but I have checked the setup instructions and reversing the gyro stopped the rotation. Still I am having the problem of the heli wanting to sit on its tail i have to put a lot of right stick into it for it to level out and even still it drifts back. If anyone is willing to talk through the settings with me over the phone I would be really appreciative if you would like me to call you as i can call anywhere in the world that would be helpful thanks once again
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Sounds like the servos aren't setup properly.

Make sure all three servos move the same direction on cyclic (not sure what mode tx you're using), the rotor disk tilts side to side on aileron (matching the stick direction when viewed from the back) and front to back on elevator (matching the stick direction when viewed from the back)

Finless has videos on radio setup on this site (his is Futaba, but the concepts are the same) and head setup. There's probably DX6i setup videos; I'm sure there's DX7 videos

Watching these would be more effective than phone support.
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I suspect your new DX6i is not properly set up. I assume your old Tx is stock... Hv a look at the videos from Finless. It helps alot... I know you are anxious to fly it but what's the point when you hv a hard to fly bird then one that fly smoothly. At the end of the day you will only feel more fustrated with a jittery bird. Flying takes alot of hard work n PATIENCE !!! Do a proper setup once and that will last you forever... TRUST ME !!!
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Try reversing the some of the servos. It sounds as though the front servos are lifting when you raise the throttle and the back servo(s) are dropping.

The DX6i i not a straight swap, you do need to set it up carefully. Once you have done it, it flies much better, but I can only re-iterate what has been said; it is VITAL to spend time getting the setup right, from the servos, up through the head to levelling the swash, setting the pitch range and then the actual pitch for flight.

In addition to the Finless videos, which are excellent, there is a tutorial for setting the DX6i up here:

I used it for my Trex clone and my Belt CP and both fly like a dream now! But you can NOT miss a step out. There are no short cuts to set up I'm afraid.

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