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Question Why the float type head is better ??

Just as the title says .... I have seen floating type rotor heads like the Gazaur mars, posedion heads, and also SJM rotor heads ,, I wonder what are the pros and cons of this float type head ... and if it is better why we don't see it a lot .... I mean almost every heli big or small has the same rotor head type as the T-REX.... what makes the T-REX head so popular ??

Thanks a lot

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in my opinion, the moving flybar system (MFS) is better than a classic head essentially for the behaviour in flight.I tried the 2 heads and each time i prefer the MFS head.

the fly bar doesn't change of angle when you change the pitch.
it keeps his angles.
in the workshop, you can make the test and you will see differences.
on a trex or a classic head, the flybar moves on each orders......
ee this vid: http://www.gazaur.com/upload_img/vid...-System-aa.wmv

in flight, the reactivity on pitch order is equivalent for the 2types but the mfs is very more accurate and smooth.The stability is also higher....
So the heli is in same time very reactive and smooth.
that 's surprising!

the MFS mechanics moves freely and is more efficient than classic heads.
the inconvenient is that the cyclic servos are more stressed and need to have more torque.
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