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Default Is there a good video for Genius servo and rotor head setup?

Does anyone know if there is a good video for Genius servo and rotor head setup?

My buddy just got a new Genius last night and it seems to be pitching backward and to the left.

I understand that this could also be caused by the receiver touching something and getting vibrations.?.?.? Has anyone had similar experience with the Genius?

Swash is not level on startup and servos are not even close to 90. So, I told him to start there.

Thanks for your help or input.
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I haven't noticed any. This thread refers to a mini but discusses it somewhat.

I wouldn't necessarily start there. First off if he is in 6x mode, the servos will move when the bird moves. In other words, if the landing skids were bent on one side so the bird was leaning when you set it down, then in 6x mode the servos will be cocked to try and correct for what it sees is a change in the position of the bird. He can turn switch 1 off and that will disable the servos from the stabilizing part of the bird so that the only servo movement will be movement caused by moving the cyclic stick. He should probably start by checking that I would think, but I'm a rookie myself so take my advice at your own risk if you get my drift.
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