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Default Need Help - Drifting Left

Setup a 600N with a beastx.... Working great....

Crashed due a servo wire that got pulled out of the reciever.....DOH.

Got the rebuild done but now I can't get it working correctly.

In a hover it drafts left and won't stablize.

I have swapped BeastX units, have totally reset the unit and the radio settings.

I even bound the heli to a different radio.

There does not seem to be any vibrations. The servos seem strong but one of the servo wheels was stripped in the crash.

I don't know what else to check..... H-E-L-P help!!
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What do you mean by drift? Rolling or physically moving left? Sure it's not just the tail rotor pushing the heli to the left? Is your swash totally level?

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I'm having the exact same issue. I'm suspecting the tail grip bearings are binding, but they seem totally smooth. I hope you find the answer - if I do I'll let you know. Also suspecting tail servo damage, even though I doubt that's it.
Perhaps a difference. I CAN stabilize mine by "flying the tail". If I keep right rudder I can hold it straight. Also, it starts fine and then acquires the drift.
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Default Rolling left

Sorry, I was not clear about the is a roll left so not assoicated with the tail.

I did go about leveling the swash. I am thinking it is has to be related to a servo but wanted to see if anyone else has this experience....
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From my experience:

Remove all blades.
Spin up helicopter - at 100 percent throttle
WATCH your fingers and make sure helicopter is secured.
Now watch the swash plate. It should be level and rock solid. Check for any leaning or pitching of the swash plate. It may take 10 or 15 seconds to occur. Also check the tail. The slider should not move. If there is any movement on the swash or the tail, you most likely (99.999% sure) have a vibration issue.

To isolate the vibration, disconnect the tail, spool up again. Does the problem still exist? If so the problems in your Rotor Head. If not, the problems in your tail... Fix and fly

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