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Default Just got back from a flight - MCPX was a handful but the 450 was great

It was windy today and I've had issues with the 450 3D in the wind (my two crashes were pretty darn windy) so I flew the MCPX first. It was all over the place and I crashed it about 4 times; twice it cut out from the strain of it climbing and banking (not that hard though but it was quite windy), once I pushed too much of an angle too close to the ground and just decided to hit TH rather than attempting a messy recovery and prob crashing it worse and once because I accidently hit the LVC (forgot to rehit the timer...oops) and it fell about 5' into the grass.

So very nervously I got out the 3D. I actually had shaking hands which wasn't good.

Started in intermediate/normal mode and it was a really squirrely and I was fighting it but once I hit IU and DR1 it was better. Still a fight as the wind was making it pitch and yaw but I could fly it. Still quite nervous so I made the decision to land, grabbed a fresh battery and adjusted the TC to 90% in IU.

Wow, that made a huge difference! So much more stable in the wind and I was soon doing circuits and banks and nose in even with the heli getting hit with some gusts.

I'm definitely going to try 100% TC next flight.

Surprisingly, the 3D is actually much easier to fly than the MCPX in this config...the extra headspeed and better rates make it much more nimble. Might have to try advanced now.

I HATE the MCPX landing gear. You barely have to look at it and it snaps in fear!

I love it how all the little swallows swoop the MCPX and you try to outrun them and jink around them but when the 450 comes out, nothing even goes near it! It's just clear airspace!

I feel that since I did the new (think accurate) setup on the 3D it really is much more solid. It flew today alot like I wanted it too...which is why I bought the X; I didn't think the 3D would every be quite good enough in the wind. Turns out that it can handle winds that make the MCPX quiver so I was very impressed with the 3D can't wait to get my 450X sorted and give that a go if that is going to be even better.
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Sounds like my day. That MCPX canopy mounts and landing skids suck. Broke both today. My MCPX does the same thing in the wind When turning into the wind in FFF and banking the motor just shuts off and it falls the the ground. Kinda funny. I will try out your head speed idea cause my 450 feels like a marsh mellow. Hey at least your hands were the only thing shaking. I sometimes get my legs to shake lol
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