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Default Using mCPx V2 with SC-8000P servo controller?


I'm a researcher at Georgia Tech doing rotorcraft automatic control research. We just purchased a Blade mCPX v2 for doing small scale experiments prior to moving up to our large scale aircraft. We are setting up our control mechanism to feed commands from a PC to a SC-8000P servo controller (, with PPM out to the trainer port on a Spektrum DX6i. Feedback will be accomplished via motion capture cameras fed back to the PC.

A problem that we're running into in developing the control software is that the PPM out channels don't seem to neatly correspond either directly to the servos or to collective & throttle output. We're currently using a sample program to see input vs. output ( One of the channels spins the rotor when the slider is in one of two certain spots; the other seems to raise collective pitch but bogs down the rotor rpm. We can get the cyclic and tail rotor to respond; however, the tail rotor does not spin when we spin the throttle or raise collective (as it does when we're manually controlling the heli.)

I am very familiar with helicopter mechanics, but have no experience with RC micro aircraft. Any information or help that anyone could provide would be highly appreciated.
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Suggest you post this in the brushless forum. The people there have modded and hacked the MCPx so much, they're about as expert on the 3-in-1 control board as you'll find from Horizon Hobby themselves.
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