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Default Just do it!

Hi guys!

You helped me so much than with my 2 months of experiences I will give advice!!!

I am talking to one of those like me who received their first heli under the xmas tree. I looked the video of Finless Bob about blades balancing and I balanced my blades. You couldn't beleive the difference!!!

If you didn't, try it. Don't balance just with putting tape on the tip, also balance your CG. If you don't know what I mean, look the video.

So... Do it!
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Yep, without a doubt it is worth looking at the Finless video on Blade balancing and doing it. In fact, as a beginner to CP helis the following videos are all absolute essentials...

CCPM Setup Part 1 & Part 2 -- Describe how to setup your head correctly from servos up.
Tracking 101 Showing how to get your blades tracking properly
Pitch & Throttle Curves 101 Explainging how to setup your pitch curve and throttle curve on a programmable radio, but worth watching to better understand the way a CP heli works.
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I've tracked my blades loads of times but never balanced them.

I will give it a try one day but they are on the heli now and until I have a good reason to take them off then I won't be balancing them until then.

I think my heli flies nice and steady anyway so I don't think there's much point either.

But if your having some vibes or your heli seems unstable then I would definatly look at the balancing.

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Yup the vids really helped me out. I found it best to go threw them all from the start just to make sure everything would be perfect. But my align pro blades where perfect so I didn't need anything done.
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