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Default Feathering Shaft Sleeve

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask, in your build of the 500 did you install the feathering shaft sleeve? Before you say, "what the??" look at page 7 of the manual. The feathering shaft sleeve encloses the feathering shaft and I neglected it in my build. I still have the part and temped to install it. I went through Finless Bob's build videos and he does not even mention it. The reason I am asking is because I have been experiencing a blade tracking issue (see earlier post on "Blade Tracking") where I have observed an odd behaviour. The blade tracks on my Outrage packs but on my Flight Power lipo the tracking is out. I haven't noticed a distinguishable difference in the headspeed of either (they are relative new only about 5-6 cycles). I have since switched from the Align 425 F blade to the stock blade, the tracking appears to be better now but I am curious about the feathering shaft sleeve and whether that is a factor.
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I seriously doubt the sleeve would help your tracking problem, but it will prolong the life of your dampeners. If your tracking is going in and out, something is most likely loose on the head.
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Probably unrelated but I have just swapped my flybar over which had a very small curve in it. Without rolling it on the table (it was marginal to the eye but really noticable when pulling it out through the head) I would probably have left it.

When I put the blades back on I had to undo the half twist I had put into one of the top links previously and now the blades are back to perfect tracking.

Further could unparallel paddles cause a tracking problem?
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