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250 Class Electric Helicopters 250 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Angry My 250 hates me no matter how much i love it.

So get this i crashed my 250 like a month and a half ago because of radio interference and i never got around to fixing it because of me having a lack of money and motive to fix it but finally about 2 days ago i got all the parts to fix up the little bird and even more i bought all the parts to fix it and a scorpion motor, a carbon boom, and a new case to hold it in well today i got to fly ( for like the 5th time of the day) and i decide to do a tumble ( i had done it once before today ) and as it goes inverted i hear a faint click and i notice my heli going full positive upside down so i try to negitive that out real quick but that didnt work so i hit throttle hold and it hit the ground nice and hard and broke most all the heli to pieces broke the boom, landing gear, swash, motor mount, tail blade, main blades, and more. i figuired that it was because a linkage flew off and the mixing arm got locked into a position giving the heli positive. well thank you for reading, i just needed to vent im really irrited but again thanks

chase hale
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See the bottom of this page.
It happens. I just rebuilt and crashed mine again too.
Suck it up and do it again!
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I cant tell you how many times I have crashed and rebuilt mine.
At the least the parts are cheap compared to any other heli.

Sometimes on my last pack I will just get really crazy with it and see how close I can come to stuffing it. And I normally do.

I try to not spend to much time rebuilding. Just throw it back together and get it back in the air know that im going be crashing it again real soon. lol

I love the 250
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