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Mr Boombastic
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Default Do Stabilisation Systems make YOU a Lazy Builder?

Topic for Discussion:

It seems that Stabilisation Systems are now available to everyone at a reasonable price.

While each system has its Pros & Cons, are we now overlooking attention to detail to get the best out of our Aerial Platforms?

Do we now just leave it to High Tech?

Are we giving the Stabilisation System the best chance to do its job properly?

With the very fast response times to inputting corrections do we now set up our rig soft & docile or fast & snappy?

Let us know your thoughts, experiences & setup tips.
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Default Yes and No

I still spend as much time as I did before using them to get the basic mechanicals right. That is the up side. The down side is I never really obsessed over getting everthing perfect.

Before rigid (SK360) and CPII I just compensated for slight flight anomalies with my brain and fingers. I still do but the electronics make the job easier.

I wrote a post some time back where I said with a rigid (flybarless) it is not really important to have everything absolutely perfect. Remember, the rigid system is constantly adjusting the servos based on feedback from the sensors. If it needs to move one servo slightly more or less than another, so what? As long as it has enough travel available from the servos, it can handle the job much better than I can.

To anwser your question; Build it right and let it fly.
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I only build my birds one way..the right way!!!! never would let a system try to "correct" for shotty workmanship, and to tell the truth most of the time I never turn it on, realizing I can do a better job controlling my bird better most of the time without it then it can do...funny never thought i came along that far

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People should not even consider installing the CPII until their heli is setup correctly. The system will not fix build errors. I had already been hovering and doing simple forward flight before I installed mine. During setup I chose to use 100% stick priority so the system only engaged when cyclic sticks were centered. This was fine for simple forward flight but was a problem when I started doing Figure 8's and more recently 180 Stall Turns. I now have the CPII turned off by default. If I need "help" I just flick a switch and the CPII kicks in an levels the heli. It's been a lifesaver while learning 180 stall turns. Learning stall turns with the CPII on is basically impossible. The CPII would level the heli during the stall
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Mr Boombastic
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OK, so we build our heli so it doesn't fall apart. (too often)

Now be honest, how many out there go to all the trouble of making everything parallel or perpendicular, fly it and use the radio trims? I'm thinking 99%.

This is getting a bit particular, but now how many then go and adjust the linkages to give a mechanical neutral trim and centre the radio trims back. I'm thinking the other 1%.

Hands up those that balance your blades. Congratulations if you do. Do you then go to the trouble of removing the Main Shaft & Head, install the Blades nice and tight and balance the whole assembly? If you do, then you get a great big tick. Do you do the same for the Tail Rotor?

A Dial Indicator is a good bit of kit also.

This AP forum is full of VIBRATION issues. Why? Building & Setup maybe??

Think how lucky we are. We get to see the vibration while everyone else is totally oblivious. They're the ones with the loose screws.

After flying Aerobatics with a Heli the biggest thing for AP was to think backwards. Get rid of the stiff dampers, Up the Expo, Down the Travel etc.

After setting up the heli to be very stable, I installed a Helicommand. Some dumb#ss took off and didn't even notice the stabilisation was switched on. It was only after a few gentle manoeuvres that I noticed it wouldn't stay banked in a turn. DOH!
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