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From my experience with the trex 600 and the 450, their swash bearing develops slop a lot quickand some have issues of bearing creeping out of the receptacle during flight. I don't know about the trex 500 though. Another alternative is the swash plate from a compass knight electric with the 8mm shaft.
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Default Head swap

Hi Guys and Gal, Please give some thought to this. The "E" head in a fairly heaver head. All the parts are what I would call a grade size up from the 500. I do have both, EXI 500 Its full CNC metal and it is not as ?heavy duty as the Smartie. Remember that the "E" swings 550's and the 500 only swings 430's I think I need to see what size feathering shaft the 500 has!
Any way just my thoughts...
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I dunno. If you look at my size comparison photos, the swash plate is the exact same size. Also, I'm going from a *PLASTIC* swash to a 7075 aluminium one, I can't think that the e-smart OEM swash is stronger than the Align one.

As for the rest of the head, folks are flying Trex 500 ESP heads with insane head speeds (over 3000+ RPM) -- I think we should be ok with our much more sedate headspeeds. But I'm not going there yet as my head seems fairly ok.


p.s. It does make me think, though, that if e-sky were (ever) to start up production of the ES600 again and put in some design changes, they should make the main shaft 10mm (and perhaps give us modulus equivalence with the Trex 600 main gear) while they're at it.
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