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Default How do I program a throttle kill switch x9303/x9503


I imagine if I search high and low I will find a thread dealing with my issues. As such, please forgive me if these topics have already been covered.

With that said, Yesterday I purchased an X9503 and am having difficulty understanding how exactly the program mixes work. Being that the X9303 has been out for a while and the X9503's programming is exactly the same (that is what I have been told) I am hoping to get some help. In many respects the transmitter's settings are similar to my DX7, from which I have upgraded, but certainly not when it comes to the program mixes.

Although I read the instructions (at least 10 times), frankly I can neither make heads nor tails of what the instruction manual is trying to say when it comes to program mixes. Granted if I was trying to do one of the illustrated examples I could figure it out, but unfortunately it fails to cover what I am looking to program.

I wish to use the trainer (momentary) switch to kill my nitro engine. I wish to use this application for both my Trex 600 and Trex 700 nitros. Can somebody please direct me to or explain step-by-step how I go about programming the transmitter to get what I need done?

On a related note, in several of my smaller models, I use 6 channel Spektrum receivers. Being that these receivers do not have an AUX 2 channel, I cannot seem to get the gyro sub program to function. From what I have figured out, for the gyro functions to work, the gyro gain leads must be connected to the receiver's AUX2 channel. With my 7 channel receivers it works great because I have the gyro gain leads connected to the AUX2 channel of the receiver. But with my 6 channel receivers I obviously do not have that luxury. Instead I must connect them to the receiver's Gear channel. As such, I am stuck controlling the gyro gain via the transmitter's gear channel endpoints.

I would much prefer to control the gyro gain via the transmitter's gyro sub program. Is there a way to do this via a program mix, etc.? If so, I sure would like to know how to go about doing it.

Thanks very much for any and all assistance, etc.


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