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Default Power Systems for Logos, DATA & GRAPHS

Well I copied this from the T-Rex 600 forum as I simply think this is an "Awesome" idea. For both beginners and experts alike power setups can be discussed a reviewed. I think most benefit will be to the people wanting to look at "what motor, esc, lipo etc do I buy?". We all know what that is like and can surely appreciate it. Like always, we can all learn from others triumphs and mistakes so let's keep it real! Now my copy of Bob "Finless" and Matt "Tickity" message....and an (add on) of my own which I hope helps :wink: Also please note this is open to setups for AP Work, Sport Flying, not just 3D stuff...

"Power Systems that Work"

NO BULL and we need videos and/or EXPERIENCE with the systems that "work".


User experience ONLY! No speculation!

GO at it guys and lets make this a valuable POST!



* Please refrain from posts other than listing power setups, data logs, and video links.

* If you have questions, please PM the original poster

* If you listed a set up and are getting the same question asked over and over, please edit your original post to include that information.

* If you are adding info, data or video. - Please edit your original post rather than starting a new post.

These few things will keep the thread clean and simple, easy for others to navigate, not having to skim over the "hey how long of flight time", or "what pinion r u using" questions.

Thanks for your co-operation guys!
"Original idea & post by Bob & Matt on 600 forum, thanks guys!"

To add to this,,, feel free to copy and paste this to your response to speed things up and keep all the facts in tact. This should reduce questions and provide excellent data to everyone! Since not everyone has a logger I put in the avg or on landing for peeps who have temp guns instead etc...


__________________________________________________ _____

Helicopter & particulars of setup "servos,gyro etc":

Setup style: 3D / Sport / Scale ? FAI:
RTF weight if known:
Ambient Temperature:
Motor and Pinion:
ESC "Brand and size":
Lipo "Brand and Size":

Length of flight:
Motor Temp "average or on landing":
ESC Temp "average" or on landing":
Lipo Temp "average or on landing":
MAH put back into pack after flight:

__________________________________________________ _____
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