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Default Carbsmart

What do people think of the Carbsmart ??

I have a raptor 90se with OS 91 pumped . Was thinking of getting Carbsmart, what do you think ?

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Default CarbSmart

Hello Vernon,

As I made lots of trials and measures with engine temp, I finally bought a CarbSmart in the UK last year.

In principals I can say, that a CarbSmart makes a damn good job during flight. As any technical system, IMO this little device has some drawbacks as well:

- even though I followed all discussions about fixing the T-sensor for longevidity, my T-Sensor already after 20 flights gave up. As my other sensors normally hold w/o any problem, this was the main driver for my decision to de-install the CarbSmart ..

- the CarbSmart is very easy to be setup (needle-range and sensitivity the servo is allowed to turn the needle). Anyway I used it more like a Temp-limiter not to have higher temps than e.g 110 degrees Celsius. If setting up this way and only hoovering for a while, the temperature will be to high for my personal preferrence. So if you do always hard-3D from start to landing, you will not have the CarbSmart unnecessary increase temperature when engine is not loaded (e.g. as hoovering) ..

My best experiences are made with a small min./ max. Temperature monitor, as e.g. the Venom, Traxxas etc. Having a little bit of knowledge about typical engine temperatures this little device only needs to show you the maximal temp during flight. If in doubt about to lean/ rich, watch your T-monitor and have an engine-life insurance for little money

Best Regards,

P.S: If someone will tell you about typical engine temperatures always ask what engine and make he refers to
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