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Default Useful Tools/Tips

Well I been laying low for a while since there is a lot going on this forum...
But for the past few days I have encounter a few issues that some tools I thought where not use full actually have become very useful! And I want to share it with others.

#1 - AstroFlight Astro Blinky.

I am going to say exactly how this little device came to be very handy this past few days.... So I made an order from hobbypartz for some Blue Lipos... They came in (3 2200Mah 30C) To my luck they where all unbalance beyond FUBAR! so I decided to take upon my self to try and fix them... First pack was about 3.56 3.64 4.11 so I try to fix it by doing a slow AMP charge at 0.100Mah but it just wouldn't balance. After so many fights I decide it give the Blinky a try so what I did is used the blinky to balance discharge the pack at 3.74 (yes I know that is dangerous) but I couldn't get them to catch up and for some reason cell #1 wouldn't go over 3.74 at this point I thought that the cell was just bad... BUT after hours of the blinky balancing discharge the pack the pack finally was at 3.74 each. At that point I did a normal 2.2 balance charge and wala!!!!! the cells balance beautifully!

#2 - iChecker Battery Tester

So I spent some cash on a nice battery tester which has been worth every penny.
I know there is a bunch out there for cheaper and can probably do the same or better but I went with the iChecker for the simple fact that can show me each cell voltage in a nice interface... This tool help me check the blinky balance of each cell threw the process. Also very useful at the field when flying and need to check your packs for issues...

Well thats it for now hopefully this helps some body.
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