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Question Is there really a BIG difference from stock tx and a DX5/6/7 tx ??

I was just wondering, is there really that big of a difference from flying either a Blade MCX, MCX2, MSR or most fixed pitch type heli's on their stock tx compared to say, a DX7i ?? Is it really that big of a deal ??
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There is definitely a big difference between flying an MSR on a DX6i (or better) and a stock TX or even the LP5DSM that comes with the CX3.I use a DX6i for all my indoor helis. Not only is the feel better but you can really take advantage of the programming features that significantly improves flight (throttle curves, servo travel, expo, dual rates, etc). THe battery timers are also nice.

As to the MCX and MCX/T, I am happy to fly them on an LP5DSM as I haven't found much that I want to change with a programable TX so the only thing I miss is the down timer. As to a stock MCX TX, I don't think I would be happy with that as it doesn't have the feel of a full featured TX.

Hope this helps!
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