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Default Helicommand 3A: A Noobies First Impression

I just got my Helicommand 3A in the mail yesterday and I'm quite overwhelmed. I've been studying the user manual for a while (long before I even ordered it) and still don't quite have a grasp on it. I'm hoping it will become clear to me once I start playing with it, just like all the electronics on my 450 baffled me initially.

My first problem (question) is where to put the sensor module. I've looked at a lot of pics and it seems like most people put it on the frame toward the back of the left side. I think I would prefer to put it on the boom but it seems like the strut would always be in the way. Plus I would guess if everyone is putting it on the frame, that must be a good place for it. I will just have to move my ESC as it is currently occupying that position. Having suffered numerous boom strikes it really isn't that hard to convince me not to put a $400 device on the boom.

I'm also trying to wrap my head around how I can control the modes (PILOT channel) with my DX6i. I have seen there is a thread on how to do that which I will study when I get to that point. But I'm guessing it requires using the Helicommand's built-in gyro, which I wasn't going to do because I heard mixed reviews about it.

Finally, documentation on how to use the setup software seems sparse, that is, I haven't found it yet. I found a set up video on the internet but it doesn't talk about the software much. I thought there was supposed to be a video on the disk that came with it but I don't see one on there.

Most of all, I would hate to have invested all this money in a very expensive rebuild, then buying the Helicommand, and then auger the heli into the ground because I didn't set up the Helicommand right.

So, I guess if anyone has read this far, I would just ask a few quick questions:
Has anyone mounted the Helicommand sensor module on the 450 Sport boom, is it a good idea, and does the strut cause a problem in position mode?
Is my DX6i up to the task? How about if I want to use an external gyro?
Should I just relax and use the Helicommand's gyro and quit worrying about it?
Is it possible to set up the Helicommand using only the software, and not using the button/LED?

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