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Default A9 Channel assignments... be aware that...

A lot of you guys probably already know this...

Setting up my Beam E4 with Optima 7 Rx and A9 Tx...

I did all my electronics setup with the Rx on the bench. I then decided that I would like to change the channels usage for the Rx in the Helicopter for easier cable management.

Optima 7 with BODA towards the tail... wanted to move Rudder and Gyro to channel 6 & 7 respectively. and Pitch to channel 4.
Easy enough to do but...
Its IMPORTANT to note the following:
1. The stick assignment will follow "RUDD" remained J4 but the "PITCH" ended up with NULL instead of J3... probably because J3 is already used "THRO" so you need to assign it.

2. the sub-trims are linked to the channels... not the name eg: "AILE", "ELEV"... So even though the names have changed on the channels in the sub-trim menu, the actual trims stayed with their original channels... so make sure you note what your sub-trims are before to correct them all after any change in Channel assignments.

3. Servo Reverse... same as the sub-trims... they are associated with the channel, not the name, so again, take note before to correct after any channel assignment changes.

I don't know about the other settings like T.Limit, EPA, P.Mixes... that are done on the channels, I haven't used any of those yet, but I would guess they stick with the channel, not the name.

Ultimately you could save yourself a lot of time if you just decide and set your channels the way you want/need them to be before doing anything else.

The awesome flexibility of the A9 can also bite you in the A$$ if your not careful...

As a side note, I would be completely lost building this heli(my first) as well as using the A9, if it wasn't for this amazing on-line community... and a special thanks to Finless Bob who's videos have helped me so much.

Edit - A9 is @ version 1.08
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