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Default Hyperion 320 first flights

I figured out that you can file the JST connector down that comes with the Hyp 320, and it will then fit in the mCP's connector. This is taking a risk on my part, as you can put it in reversed and fry your heli...

Well, this battery certainly provides more head speed. It also gives the tail more authority to the point that I had to trim it nose left for roughly the first two and a half minutes of the battery, whereupon the head-speed comes down to normal and the tail starts holding once more. The initial "hit" lasts about 1:30, and then about another minute where it falls off slightly but is still stronger than stock.

I was just hovering it indoors to get an idea of the capacity with a few pitch pumps to gauge power. Where 5 minutes puts my Eflite battery to about 17-22%, 6 minutes on the Hyp 320 took it to 3.76 V or 17%. This was only the second run of the battery, but that conforms to what I expected based on the 1st battery, which was 3.79 V or 27% at 5 minutes. For the third run, I did not hear the minute beep at 6 minutes and ran it to 6:50, which resulted in 3.72 or 15%. The voltage came up some after a few minutes, and when I put it on the charger, it started at 27% and took 242 mah. I believe that the cycling improved the battery's performance some.

Another interesting thing is that the Hyperion ran 11F cooler than the Eflite battery that I flew between the two Hyperion flights.

I then took it outside and loaded an Eflite battery and did a few hard pitch pumps then switched it out for the Hyperion. The extra power is very noticeable. I'd say the climb on a pitch pump is just about doubled. You can still hear the motor load up, but the heli just jumps.

The extra climb was so unexpected that I wound up going too high in the evening twilight and loosing orientation. I ended up crashing the heli, and not getting to TH as soon as I normally do, so the main gear popped completely off and I lost the lower main bearing.

If I can find a bearing today, I'll put the 240 Hyperion in and try that out, but so far, I think the 320 is going to be a big hit. I still find it hard to believe that this battery made such a big difference in performance, but it does. I wish I had been able to do some more outdoor pitch pumps to see how it compared at the lower end of the battery. Maybe today...



Wayne Bengston
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Blade 120 SR and mCP X
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