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Default Another mCP X or a 450?

After many wonderful flights with my mcpx I am having some very frustrating problems. The tail does not hold. Its not an issue of CM. I have replaced the tail motor 3 times, put in a main motor and purchased new batteries. No joy. I had a mysterious toilet bowl problem in the past with and msr and after dumping over $70 into replacement parts the problem is still not fixed. I dont feel like chasing my tail with this heli too so In order to prevent the headache I think I might just buy another heli. What I dont know is if i should buy another mcpx or get a 450 instead. I live across the street from a park so flying space is not an issue. I guess im just looking for input on the enjoyment factory. Is the 450 as fun to fly as the mcpx?
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i havent flown the mcpx, however i do own the new blade 450. ive always found the small helis quite fun to fly, even when learning with them they were fun as you can crash and break nothing. a 450 is a different story. i actually find myself quite stressed trying to fly the 450, at least in my few flights ive had with it. you need to focus quite hard to keep them in the air. what you really need to remember over the small ones is that a 450 can seriously hurt you. ive crashed my msr into myself enough times, doesnt hurt. a 450, well it will hack you open deep if it gets the chance. this alone causes the demand for respect from it. the other big thing is crashing. on my 8th flight i had an incident, it nosed into the grass at low rotor speed (less than lift off speed, throttle had been cut) and $50 later i have all the parts to fix it, something that will take some hours to do. tall that being said, its kinda fun, im sure it will get to be more fun once i can do more than hover, but its at a whole other level of flying.

the questions really should be, are you ready for the commitment, responsabillity, and cost of a 450?
blade msr- stock
blade 120sr- tail boom braces, strengthened flybar, rewired circuit board/motors
blade 450- stock till i learn to fly it
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