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Default Walkera UFLY-S rudder servo limit?

Hi there,

Is there a way to set a limit for the rudder (tail) servo of the Walkera UFLY-S?
The servo itself works fine, but the problem is that the UFLY-S makes a loud rattling sound while in the air whenever the rudder servo moves too far in either direction, by either my control or by the gyro.
The heli becomes almost uncontrollable whenever that happens. What is that anyway? I suspect it's somewhere in the area of the gear on the main gear driving the torq tube gear, sustaing too much load or something when the rudder servo is at maximum left or right, but I am not sure.

Anyway, when I can get the rudder servo to have a true left/right limit, I guess I can prevent the rattling from happening.

My WK-2801 Pro has a travel adjustment setting for the rudder, but unfortunately that only DELAYS servo travel, e.g. having 1% set, the servo moves sloooowly, but still can reach the max left/right when you push and hold the stick during flight, or when the gyro decides to do so.

The servo extent pot on the RX unfortunately only affects the aileron and elevator servos.

So is there another effective way?

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Does it do this when it's on the ground and the blades aren't spinning? You may have a stripped gear in the servo. The servos in the UFLYS are known for having issue with stripping out.
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