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Default beastx set up - question about gyro gain

hi there,
i have a question about the gyro gain on beastx v2, please.
in page 59 of the v2 manual they tell how to set up the gyro gain (what i did and seems to be working great).
however, in page 65 they talk about "heading lock gyro gain".
i was wondering if and how these two settings are related to each other and how to use the latter.

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check out the stickys setup video helico put together on top. he explains perfectly. he put a lot of effort into that video so please check there first for the explainations.
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hi there,

i checked the sticky section videos and it seems they don't cover this subject.

it seems that for each value of the "headinglock gain" on the parameter menu, i can have a gyro gain value range from A to N on the set up menu.

considering that i have 5 possible values on the parameter menu and 14 on the setup menu, i will have a total of 70 possible gyro gain values.

i'm just guessing.
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Bob O
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You're missing it. Transmitter gain is different from this Parameter menu point. Heading Hold is for the gyro, you adjust this so you get the tail to hold, just as you would with a tail-only gyro.

Tail HeadingLock gain is separate. You start with a low setting while you adjust your heading hold gain. Once your HH gain is set, then you can increase Parameter menu point D if necessary so you get a constant pirouette rate (no whipping) while in forward flight.

Please see Video #4 in THIS thread. It pretty much explains it all very well.

Hope this helps.
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If its of any worth I just kinda went through this and yeah, its kinda confusing.

But these guys have really helped me understand this better and I think it has been explained to you.

Having said that though and like I said, having just gone through this, I found that I was able to just leave Perm D at the lowest setting and it was fine for me.

In other words if you are trying to dial in the tail, just start with about 70-80 Tx gain, set Parm D to very low, and the C dial in the middle.

Fly it and adjust increase your Tx gain till you get the wobbles and then back that off till you don't and then just skip Parm D and adjust your C dial till it stops as hard as you want with no rebound.

Again this was just me and maybe I may need to mess with Parm D some day but just to get things going, all that leaving Parm D at that setting might do is allow some light tail whipping in pirouette on just the right conditions, but aside from that it doesn't really affect those other two things that I think are important.

Now just to add, I have been told that if you do increase Parm D you may have to back off on some of the Tx gain and it wouldn't surprise me if the C dial needed some tweaking but I guess what I'm trying to say is that you might find that you don't have to worry about Parm D, so just leave it out of the thought process unless you find that you do.

Oh also if you didn't already do it, make sure you are running V3.0

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