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Default Gaui X5 FES Showthread

Welcome to the Official National Hobbies Showthread for the Gaui X5!

This is where we'll post pics, videos, as well as provide updates and support for the very famous Gaui X5. Feel free to chime in and ask questions; our Flight Team members are actively involved in these threads.

--- Team National
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The GAUI X5 is a 500-class, Flybarless helicopter, designed for extreme aerobatics (3D) while providing rock solid stability and excellent flight characteristics. The original X5 prototype was developed, designed, and tested in collaboration with Bobby Watts from the ground-up to be an unparalleled 3D machine. This High-Performance Helicopter spins 500mm-530mm Carbon Fiber Main Blades at high headspeeds (~2600-2800k+) utilizing a stock Scorpion 910kv motor (stock) and 6s Lipos. Stability comes from the combination of a specially designed Flybarless Main Rotor Head coupled with a MicroBeast-X Flybarless Gyro (stock in the Super Combo kits). The airframe itself is constructed of very high quality laser-cut Carbon Fiber, heavy-duty Metal, and a minimal number of plastic parts.

This kit is the ultimate-performance derivative in the X5 family. Almost every part of the X5 FES is interchangeable with other X5 models, with the exception of the flybarred and belt drive components found on the Original and Lite version. Gaui's first endeavour of their "X-Series" helicopters was the X5, and the series earned a very powerful reputation very quickly, pleasing Gaui fans, as well as making many new 'followers' around the world. The X5 was released a few years ago now, but has been responsible for making Gaui's name in High-Performance Helicopters rival (and even exceed) other names such as Align, Compass, Logo, etc.

Your first flight on a Gaui X5 is a thing of beauty, and is almost guaranteed to earn you a spot into the infamous "Grin Club"
The X5 sports unprecedented power compared to any other stock helicopter in it's class. Unlimited vertical punchouts are extremely impressive, and the machine simply shrugs off the heaviest of collective-intensive manuevers. Cyclic response is very quick across the range of blade lengths, and the tail holds very well across the speed envelope (pilots reports indicate that increased responsiveness can be attained by using KBDD's 84.5mm Tail Blades).
This bird is big enough to have a large presence in the air, but can get pretty small if you like "Big Air" type manuevers. She handles everything from large and precise manuevers, right down to In-Your-Face Smackdown style 3D... and excels at it all!

Gaui's X5 comes in several kit options---

Gaui X5 Original Combo Kit (# G-208005)
Comes with all materials required to construct the basic airframe, including all the bling/CNC upgrades. The stock power system, comprised of a specially designed 910kv Scorpion brushless outrunner, a Gaui 100amp ESC, and 500mm Carbon Fiber Blades are also included.

Gaui X5 Lite Combo Kit (# G-208006)
X5 Lite comes with all materials required to construct the basic airframe, geared towards those pilots that don't need all that bling and CNC upgrades. Frames are from G10 (Fiberglass/Carbon Composite), the Torque Tube Tail-Drive system has been replaced with a Belt-Drive system, and there are a few more plastic parts in the kit. The stock power system is the same, so you can still expect jaw-dropping performance from the specially designed 910kv Scorpion brushless outrunner, Gaui 100amp ESC, and 500mm Carbon Fiber Blades that are also included.

Gaui X5 FES Super Combo Kit (# G-208009)
This version of the X5 comes with just about everything you need to fly, minus your Radio/Rx and a Flight Battery/Charger. All the bling and CNC Upgrades from the Original version is included, plus a very nice Flybarless head, 4 (four) Gaui Metal-Gear/Digital high-performance servos (3 Cyclic, 1 Tail Servo), and a MicroBeast-X Flybarless Gyro (arguably one of the best Flybarless controllers currently available).

And now of course, the reason you're all here... You wanna see the bird fly!!!

We are very pleased to have our special Guest Pilot, JC Zankl, fly the Gaui X5 FES for this video. JC is a top-notch pilot and is recognized across the US for his precision in manuevers along with the ability to put on an aggressive 3D Show!

This video demonstrates a little bit of everything this heli has to offer.
JC puts her through her paces showcasing some impressive collective punchouts, upright/inverted Fast Forwards and Backwards Flight, along with some extreme aerobatics.


--- Team National

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