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first i wouldnt do this with a large heli, but 250/450 size i do it in my living room on the floor in front of a window preferrably when the sun is shining in so i can see it good, and put tools i need to the side .. i lay down on the floor and hold the skids with my hand and spool it up with the tx off to the side with the other hand .. tracking should be dead on at zero pitch, center stick, at the headspeed you plan on using .. a large metal tool like a pipe wrench through the skids is probably a safer alternative to using your hand and a couple of pounds will hold anything 450 or smaller just fine ..
..once i have center stick zero pitch tracking set, i change out the lipo, and check it again but flip to idle up and see how it looks with a little pitch bite in both directions and tweak it if necessary to get a good happy medium if the blades arnt so great .. also while im there i note the stick position on the collective hash marks on the tx and see if i get approximately the same pitch bite at equal distances from center stick pos and neg .. this tells me if i really have my zero in the right spot on my stick ..
.. other notes ... this is just how i do it on smaller helis and i wouldnt call it safe .. also im not worried about it so i dont need to be preached to lol. DO NOT get careless and hit the cyclic while your testing thats a big no no - a hand can hold pitch just fine on the skids but cyclic can tip it and it could get away from you and then your going to be rebuilding it again .. use a fresh lipo not an old test lipo to set tracking .. all it takes is a quick look i wouldnt sit there and stare at the blades for any amount of time it just increases risk to your face and eyes ..
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