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Default Setting Swashplate at high with dx8 problem.

Ok so I have seen this a bunch of times but haven't gotten an answer. Please excuse me if this has been mentioned and I missed it. Setting Swash at mid with leveler - I'm good. Setting it at high I am ever so slightly off on Alerion. Now using the travel adjustments on high side for that the radio gives me no input at all. It will not move either way ( pos or neg. ) it also does the same thing at low stick.

Now I went threw and switch pitch and Alerion on the reciever and it reverses that. I can now do Alerion but pitch isn't working. Is this a bug , something I'm doing wrong or any answers.

Note: it will work at mid stick when the selection screen highlights both travel side and not just the high side or low side but won't move when selected to low or high.

I am new to a lot of this so maybe I'm just missing something but I've looked around a lot and have seen this has occurred with others as well I just still haven't found an answer.

Thank you so much for any answers and help.
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There was a kind of bug for setting endpoints on individual servos to reduce interaction.
IIRC you have to put the swash back to center and then highlight the endpoint with the cyclic.Bump the value a point or 2 and then recheck with collective.It is kind of a PITA but you get the hang of it.Its been awhile since I did it so its not fresh in my mind.Ill have to do it again tonight and recheck my statement.I know there was a way I worked around it.Im not exactly sure if that was it.
Also IIRC if your swash setting is a minus value it all becomes reversed so your actually setting the opposite endpoint.Ill really just have to do it again and refresh my recollection of it.
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