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Default Hyperion phase sensor with eLogger v3?

I'm using a Hyperion phase sensor with my VBar and was wondering if it would work with the eLogger by splitting it out with a Y-adapter.

I know the eLogger brushless RPM sensor will not work with the VBar due to voltage issues, but I didn't know how tolerant the eLogger would be of the Hyperion sensor. I'd rather not attach another sensor to the ESC motor wires.
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Doubt it, suspect elogger measure raise or drop time of a signal where hyperion is length of square
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Have you tried, Alan? I am interested myself. You were thinking of running the signal wire only? vBar only feeds 3V - not sure whether this is enough for eLogger to register. You sure the vBar cannot tolerate the 5V signal from ET's phase sensor? If so, wouldn't that just be a matter of putting a small resistor into the signal Y-wire? I googled and found on RR that Mr Mel was gonna look into this in his lab but there never appeared a follow-up.
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Mr Mel has provided many of the answers over here https://www.helifreak.com/showthread...42#post2969542. Thanks again, Frederik!
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switch the black and red wires.

i like the eagle tree, but what the the hell?

i grabed my multi meter, and yes the black colored pinout per the label on the v3/v4 is power.

so black is +

and red is -

also it would be nice to see a diagram of actual pin values, since red is ground

and not red,black white. which one is positive/power, ground , and signal

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