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Newbies: Tips and Information Section of HF, specifically for Passing along info to newcomers to the hobby. Setup, tweaking, orientation practice, etc.

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Default "Never fly looking at the tail"?

Im new to this hobby with a lama v4 and a Honey Bee V2 coming soon and Ive been reading for the past days and in the day 3 lesson it says:
  • Always fly the helicopter by looking at the nose or pod section
  • Never fly the helicopter by looking at the tail boom or tail rotor

However in Phoenix, when practicing flight, i found the opposite is a lot easier when hovering. has been great this far but now i feel perplexed. What gives?
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In some orientations, you won't be able to see much of the tail. That's all I can think of.
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Well when you turn left the tail goes right. I try to look at the whole heli, can't see the nose when tail in, can't see the tail when nose in.
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There are plenty of people that fly by the tail with no problems. If you're uncomfortable with flying the nose and looking at the tail works for you, the tail. The only problem is that your tail direction will probably end up being reversed. This can cause problems for other pilots that fly your bird to help you, diagnose problems etc.
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