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Originally Posted by wifeorheli? View Post
I didnt think a ice2 80hv would handle 12s setup i though that was like atleast a 100hv
ICE2 80HV handles 12s and depending on the motor, pinion and target headspeed can be used with most motors.. If your wanting to run stupid headspeeds i.e. 2400+ then 100amp+ ESC is a good idea..

Most of the motors that people are using in 600 these days were designed for 700's. When used in a 600 then loads are less due to the smaller blades so current draw decreases. Depending on the motor you can fly a 700 size heli with a 80amp HV ESC provided you have a headspeed around 1900-2000..
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im just having a hard time understanding this electric stuff ive been nitro since day one. Dont know how to choos a motor or whats a good HS
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The h/s you run like anything is a set of compromises.. If you go for high h/s , performance, response..etc improves, but flight times decrease and you increase wear/stress on the heli.

You want to run your electric motors as close to 100% as possible.. Thats why its important to get the right motor/ pinion combination to allow you to have a gear ratio to run the headspeed you want as close to 100% throttle as possible..

You change you pinion to increase/decrease the gear ratio to adjust you max. headspeed.

If you using a e-gov. you need to factor in head room for the gov. to be able to work, so you gear for 70-80% throttle to achieve your target h/s (e.g. 2200) but at 100% throttle will give you 2300-2400, so the gov. has 20-30% to play with i.e. accel. with to prevent bogging or h/s drops..

Other things to consider, is overall weight of the heli i.e. disc loading. If you go sticking a 4000-5000 watt motor in your 50e it is 100+grams heavier, you need bigger ESC (i.e. 120amp which are heavier too) and the big killer is bigger packs which can add anywhere from 100g per pack to 200g per pack.. The increase in weight, increases the disc loading, and therefore you need to run higher h/s to get the same performance as a lighter heli.. Higher h/s equates to shorter flight times..

If you look at the new 600efbl pro align have, its a heavy heli and need to run 2400hs and 2x6s4000mah packs to perform somewhere near a compass 6hv @ 2200 h/s which is much lighter and uses 2x6s3000mah packs.

Im sure ive just confused you a whole lot more, but these are things you need to consider when setting up an electric.
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