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Thumbs up Radio Road Toys - 30" 3.5CH RC Helicopter

Hey everyone, hope all of you are doing well today on Christmas eve. I recently purchased a Radio Road Toys - 30" 3.5CH RC Helicopter from a local shop and wanted to know if anyone on here has heard of this model or have any information on it? If not are there any other models that resemble and can exchange parts with in case it deems necessary? I've looked high and low and even called the manufacture themselves just to hear that they don't sell to the public and to check my local hobby stores for the part number. The thing is I don't know the part numbers nor have a clue where to find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much.

Here is the only resource I found online for the helicopter with pictures. (Model: HK-30)

Would this helicopter be the closest match to being identically alike or am I wrong?

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anyone? anything?
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I did some research and came up with no more than what you and the others on RC Universe came up with. Unfortunatley it's a "Wal-Mart/" special. When it breaks, if you can't fix it, then trash it.

As for the Syma being similar. That's a gamble without having the 2 side by side to compare. Your best bet would be to play with it until it breaks and can't be fixed anymore then, if you're still serious about this hobby, look into a Blade MCX/MCX2 or MSR and maybe a decent flight simulator with a DX6i TX. Even if you decide it's just not for you then you can sell them and get about 50%-75% of your money back.

Good luck.....
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This is a new product and parts will be available soon.
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Default Frankenchopper

I'm using parts from for the RC Helicopter Upgrades, then spare parts, the generic brands. The name of the generic chopper is the UDI U12 & U12A.

These parts are not perfect. My balance bar broke on my HK-30 and in order for these spare parts to work I had to buy the balance bar, top blades, and ling rod.

Good luck finding exactly what you need, so far this is the closest match I've found, let me know if you find something closer.
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