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Default vision 50 vibration woes

well after 2 hours of messing and rebalancing the fan, my fbl vision still tilts the swash around 1900 rpm.

im thinking the fan is still out of balance and its just to many vibes for my beast x. ive already used 3m tape and i have the upper gyro mount with 2 screw holes added.

only thing i can see that is going to help is the upgraded fan and hub combo and the lower frame brace. Am i right? ive already lost one set of blades so im ready to get what i need to fly this beast.

oh one more question, i have the align gov. i would like to see a pic of where you mounted the sensor. thanks guys.
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Hey man i had my first flight 2day with my vision 50 exc. No bad vibes or anything. only prob i had was a slight wag on the tail which is a gyro problem, shud be easy to fix. so happy

I installed the metal fan, as Aaron said it was far better. Well he wasnt wrong.

Also did you follow the stack/engine alginment mentioned on another post by wifeorheli (Btw thats Aaron). I did this about 3 times untill i felt happy, well 2day in the hover it was sweet as jst a tiny wag as i said.

as for the gov sensor there is a pic kicking about, cant remember what post tho.
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Im sorry for the late reply. Ive been very busy. Heres a picture where to mount the sensor this a align sensor too!

As far as vibes go i had this problem at first two. If your fan IS balanced then im will to garuntee your two blocks for the clutch are NOT aligned(clutch stack). This is very crucial for the elyq to be smooth. If you goto my tips and tricks page please read threw till you the section on how to align it. I have the HIPER Fan upgrade but not because of vibrations so its really not needed but so 17 dollars why not. And its dead on balance. Please go back and MAKE sure your clutch stack is aligned then align the motor as i have posted. You need to leave motor screws snug then turn motor over with started (NO PLUG) in motor and it will self align itself into the clutch. If you have any further issues let me know. I do not have the beastx but the rest of my team does so if want to go over to out facebook page at CLICK HERE you will be able to get ahold of the rest of the team who are flying your setup. hope this helps
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