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Default E6\E7 questions

I have a few questions about the synergy E6/E7 kit.

Where can I get a owners Manuel. I would like to take a look at the design before I make any decision on a purchase. I canít figure out why they will not post the Manuel. Most manufacturers do this?

How are the vibration levels on this Heli. I run V-Bar and I want to make sure I am not going to be chasing vibration issues on a new build. Does the belt system create additional vibrations?

Are there any issues with the build. Parts quality, required upgrades.

How easy is it to balance the Heli for a 6E configuration? Do the packs need to be moved forward to the point that they hang out of the frame. I assume that it will be a little ail heavy with the smaller packs sizes.

I assume that this is a large air frame since it can be a 600 or 700 class Heli, but from the info I have looked thru the size is very hard to picture. There is very little info on the Heli listed. Some dimensions and frame weights would be helpful.

I plan to run the following if I decide to purchase one. Any suggestions or alternatives?
6E configuration.

Scorpion HKIII 4035 530KV motor
Hobby wing 120 ESC
Savox HV servos
V-Bar full-size blue 5.2
Hyperion phase sensor
2- 3700mah 6S 35C voltz packs
1-5000mah Outrage receiver pack
Edge 613mm main blades
KBDD 95mm tail blades

Thanks for your info.
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I think I can answer most of your questions. I can't answer for an E7 as I have an E6

Manual is not online yet, Matt is updating it and will release soon. The manual in the kit is very straight forward with great CAD drawings.

I also use vbar (mini pro 5.2) and have had absolutley no vibe issues what so ever. I have not read or heard of any either.

This is a top quality kit. Very nice machine work & everything goes together very easily. Everything (at least in my kit) spun freely I didn't need to clean up the shafts with fine sand paper. All holes line up with the braces and fasteners. You will not need any upgrades. You will only need to purchase a botosizer as the kits ball links are 5.5mm and be very careful not to scratch the balls with your link plyers. I messed up a couple, one of my only issues with the build... Make sure you place the correct shims in the head and on the main shaft..Also, lots of guys switched to the RCbooyah canopy mounts because the rubber grommets in the kit are a very tight fit. I chose to resize the grommets with a round file and the canopy comes off with medium pressure with your fingers.

Heli CG's perfectly..A wide range of batteries can be used because the height and width you have available in the frame. Myself, I use Gens Ace 4000 25c lipos ( two 5s packs). I am confident you will have no weight balance issues at all. My packs stick out about an inch, but it doesn't rub the canoopy. Yes the frame is a good size.

I run:
-Hacker 580kv
-Scorpion Commander 130a with SBEC and I'm using the internal gov which is really nice for me. Until I setup vbar gov. I myself will need help with that.
-BLS 451
-Rail blades 606 main & 96 tails

Best advice I could give is join the Synergy forum and follow the tips and tricks (there are only a few) as you build and you won't have a problem. Ask all the questions you need lots of guys there will help you out. You can get your frame weights there. There are guys on that forum are team members and have a lot better info than me
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Default re

Thanks for the info on your build experience. I like the layout of the Heli and the fact that I can convert it to a 700 class when I am ready. The frame looks very strong.

You should take a look at the V-Bar forum, Mr. Mel has a video on the Scorpion ESC and another one for the Governor setup. Itís worth the effort. The performance is great. Even if you are not a hard 3D flyer, you will still feel the difference.
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You could download teh N5C manual as the head and tail is the same as the E7. The frames are the difference.
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I don't think the manual is being released digitally. If you have a friend with an E6/E7, just have them send you the hard copy. After 5 months, it's still "being worked on". LOL
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I can't speak for Matt but I am pretty sure the manual was held up because of the TT changes. Should be very soon now.
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You can get lots of answers on Synergy's forum.

Team Synergy, Canada,
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Team Scorpion motors,
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