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Default Receiver reversing servo throws?

8fgs radio, 6208 receiver, Align servos on a Trex 600Pro.

After centering the servos and arms, leveling the swash and setting up the head, I moved on to programming the ESC. I unplugged the aileron and elevator servos to make pulling and plugging in the ESC lead to the Rx during programming easier.

That means the Tx and Rx got turned on a few times without the aileron and elevator servos plugged in. Would doing that somehow alter the positions and points of the servos, as they were set when setting up the head?

I ask because after getting the ESC programmed and plugging the aileron and elevator servos back in and powering up, head setup was all askew. I thought maybe I might have plugged the servos to the wrong channel. Pretty sure they were right, but I reversed them anyway to see if things worked right again. They didn't.

I had to start from scratch and find the right combination of servo throw direction and + or - swash ATV to get them all working properly. The final settings left all the swash ATVs opposite of what there were before and servos that weren't reversed before needed reversed.

Scratching my head.
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