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Eagle Tree Systems Onboard data loggers, telemetry, and OSD support

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Default Questions about the Eagletree systems.

Hi all,

I've been over the Eagletree site and I still have a few questions.

1. Is it possible to attach third party sensors to their system? I'm interested in monitoring things other than how the UAV is performing. I guess what I need to know is do their sensors conform to some kind of standard.

2. How exactly does the Data Recorder function? Does it simply flash the screens of data up at the interval that they are recorded? Is there any possibility of seeing the heli graphically showing where it is while the screens of data come up?

3. Is the 3D graph you can plot after the flight with the Data Recorder simply that....a graph? In other words you can't replay the flight and watch the heli move on the graphed flight path.

I'm using a DJI Ace Waypoint and what I need is a system where I can replay the flight and pause it where I'd like to. I would want to see the GPS data as the heli moves and when I pause it like it does when I initially do the flight mission along with a visual of where in the mission the heli is. I've though of using a simple screen recorder of the flight but I still would need to be able to add the additional sensors. I was hoping maybe the Eagletree could do both. Any thoughts on this or any suggestions for other ways to accomplish this would be GREATLY appreciated!


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not sure if you got answers to your questions yet but...

I have a e-logger and while the documentation is not that great the actual unit works very well. The data is stored in the unit. If you power down, it will add data on the next power up as a new "session".

The software is easy to use and pretty intuitive. You can build a display screen to view the data with gauges and numeric indicators. It will both replay the data and graph the data. You can easily download the data to your PC over the cable or just read it from the logger. You can clear the data from the PC app or leave it on the device and let the sessions accumulate.

I don't know about any third party sensors.

Post back if you have other questions.
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