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Default Good first 4 channel heli - Air Hawk ok?

I'm looking to move on from my Syma S107 to a bigger 4 channel 2.4ghz heli. I was looking at the Blitzworks 2.4ghz AirHawk. I just want something to fly in my backyard to have fun with. Anyone know if this is a good heli or have a better suggestion? Thanks!
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Ed D
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I'm a newbie who has only been flying helis for a year but I can share my learning experiences. I have also had several S107s, being down to my last one. Going from the 3ch co-ax to a 4ch single rotor was a very humbling, eye opening experience. The 3ch co-ax can almost fly itself, but the single rotor demands your attention and input. Also, the controls are different, with throttle and yaw on the left stick, and pitch and roll on the right. For me that was challenging to learn. I suggest flying in open spaces like a park or school field, AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE! A heli like the one you want is big enough to seriously hurt someone. Single rotor helis are much faster than a co-ax and can end up in your neighbor's yard before you can even react. (Hhmmm, ya think I may have done that once or twice?)

OK, the heli you are considering seems like a really top notch 4ch. Make sure the vendor stocks plenty of spare parts. You will crash more often than you will care to admit as you learn. Keep in mind that the larger/heavier the heli is the more damage it will sustain in a crash. The heli I'm flying now is a Nine Eagles Solo Pro, which is very crash resistant. Parts are plentiful from Hobby King and are really inexpensive. My friend Will also has a Solo Pro, and we fly them early in the morning in a school yard behind work. We have no problems with wind up to around 5mph, and if we crash it is over grass and won't hurt the heli. If you go with 4ch single rotor I suggest flying in a large area, at least during the first few months while you develop your flying skill.

Maybe you just want to fly in your back yard and don't want/can't go to any open fields. I am considering a 4ch co-ax for flying in my yard, with about a 12 inch rotor. A 4ch co-ax can be docile like the S107 and probably won't end up in a neighbor's yard, who may have a dog eager to play with the 'new toy'. It has the advantage of having 4ch controls, and a rotor setup that can negotiate outdoor breezes well. Maybe that's an option for you to consider.

I hope my experiences help you to decide on a heli that's right for you. The Syma S107 is a great little heli and I have enjoyed countless hours flying them. But, once you learn how to fly 4ch single rotor........

Ed D
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Ive had a air hog 360. Really fun helli and was surprisingly really fast going around the room. And very durable.
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Default the way I took off.

I can tell you that I have a syma 106g and the first thing I did when I got it was I took the controller apart and I switched the controls around so that they match the mode two controller that you will be using on just about anything you fly from now on. It is simple to do. you have to take the pots off the throttle and the one for the elevator off but leave the tail control on the right controller. then switch the sticks over and put the throttle on with the rudder pot and put the rudder on the stick where the throttle use to be.

This will give you the throttle and the rudder on the left stick and the elevator on the right stick. this is the same set up on a four channel controller minus the Aileron. this will get you ready to move up in the world to a 4 channel.

also look for a small single four channel for indoor and outdoor use. I own the Great Wall 9958 cause its 4 channel and It doesn't cost as much as the solo pro or Msr. it will take practice to master that but trust me that you need to take your time. And look around for the FMS simulator with the controller that plugs into your use on the comp. Practice on that and with the small gw9958 and then you will be ready for something like the V200D01 or something like that.

But start with the control switch then work your way up. it will save you time and money to just do it slow and easy. Everyone will tell you that practice makes it happen and you will need practice practice practice. so get a simulator.
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Default 9116

I have the S--- But you will love this. My 5 year old son has learned on this one...
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Originally Posted by wolfievtec View Post
I'm looking to move on from my Syma S107 to a bigger 4 channel 2.4ghz heli. I was looking at the Blitzworks 2.4ghz AirHawk. I just want something to fly in my backyard to have fun with. Anyone know if this is a good heli or have a better suggestion? Thanks!

i didnt start with a co-axial, i started with the solo pro 4 channel. i sold it, and ended up getting a MSR which i think is much more durable than the solo pro.

this is the msr clone, i have no experience with it, but lots of others do. good price too:
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I bought the Blitz Knight ll which is the same as Air Hawk, just different color. FYI, they're the same as a Walkera 180Z. BH had some parts availability/price issues when I wanted to order. I did get a few things from them, then found the same parts from a Walkera supplier. At a better price.

What the other pilots said is true just starting out on a 4ch fp. If the heli you get has the torque tube, order extra gears! You will strip them out. When you are able to fly w/o crashing, the real fun begins. So take your time and keep your heli
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I recently purchased a blade msrx and love it. It's a 4ch fixed pitch that is relatively easy to fly. The price was 149$ and is very durable crashed lots learning but I am now working on nose in hovers after 1 day of flying. Spend the money, its a great little help and just a step from the 3d capability of the mcpx2 or the 130sx.

I purchased a xieda 9958 and it flys nice but has the fly bar which restricts the agility but provides stability. It was 40$.

All I can say is that I would recommend the msrx with the flybarless tech as it does have a gyro which assists in stability but allows for some more aggressive maneuvering.

Happy flying.
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