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Default Be aware of this tail issue (when using DX8 and/or satellites)

Hi guys,

Its the issue that your tailservo just moves a few hundred steps between the end points rather then (theoretically) 2048 steps...

Maybe it just happens with my config, but I'm not sure:
  • DX8
  • (two) DSMX satellites
  • binding in DSMX with 11ms

How to check if you have the problem:
Power-up your Tx and your heli so the servos move (not just the SK720). Connect the SK720 to the PC so it enters setup mode.
Now slowly move the rudder on your Tx and hold the tail-rod slightly between your fingers. If you can feel a ratchet movement (i.e. feel every step the servo does) you have the same problem as me.

How to make sure - How to fix
The only fix that worked for me every time is to rebind the SK720 to the Tx. If you're not sure if you have the problem just rebind and feel the movements afterwards. If its more smooth than you had the problem and fixed it with the rebind.

Background story
Today I ran again in the problem with my tail servo ratchet movement (see here).

It seems that the problem still exists. Art (Skookum support) agreed to the problem as he saw it in the logs I've sent him a couple of month ago.
The signal the SK720 sends to the tail-servo are just a few hundred steps. We couldn't find out though when this happens.

Yesterday I had a really loud tail noise during flying (sounded like a turbine). First I thought its just the wind blowing the sound directly to me. But now I think its this issue again. By accident I checked the tail-rod during setup again and I felt the ratchet movement again...

Only rebinds resolved the problem. It seems to me, that changing values in the setup software (maybe just tail-servo relating values) causes the problem. Because after my session with Art a view month ago I did the rebind and everything was fine.

I just wanted to share and let you know about that

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