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Default ICE2 HV80 problems

When I plug my esc into my batteries, 2 x3300 22.2v lipo set in a series, I always get a pop when I plug in the dean connector to the battery, also it counts up to 12 but Im trying to bind my ar6200 rx to my dx6i and when I plug the throttle in to the rx, I get nothing, no lights at all, its not the rx because I can plug my receiver lipo into the rx and the light comes on. It doesn't seem to have any power going out of the throttle plug...

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hornet dave
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The ice HV controllers do not provide power to the rx & servos. An external rx battery or bec is needed.

12S does make a loud scary pop when you plug in the battery. You can wire up an anti spark resistor (search hf you should find lots of info)
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ok, so how do you bind ? if you have a bind plug in the rx, its the same place as the rx battery goes. I guess in other words, how can you bind and power the rx at the same time? im lost, I should have stayed with my 500,
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3 cyclic servos
1 throttle
1 gyro
1 for the gyro sensor (you can power here for binding, then plug it in after)
...and the bind/power port.

What you can do is modify your gyro gain signal plug (it only has one wire anyway) with the + and - pins from one of the leads from your BEC. You will need a BEC or voltage regulator (the HV ESC's dont have a built in BEC)... and for a 600 heli, you really should have 2 power leads going into the RX for safe measure (dont remember how many amps the standard plug is rated at... but its technically too low).

Why did you go with the 6200?
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with the bind plug in the rx just use any rx port to power up the rx for binding even if you have to take a servo out but you will need a separrate rx battery or an external bec
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Unplug any one of the cyclic servos, and pulg the power in there for binding... once bound, replace the servo plug.
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