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Default Main Blade Spacers

I have some sab 700 blades and, seems the root of them are not wide enough for the main blade holders. not sure if everyone else is having this problem but how are you guys putting the spacers? using one on the bottom and one on top or just one top or bottom?
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Chris Sexton
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I had to use spacers with my Rail 696s. My blades came with several sets of spacers of different thickness so I could find the set that worked. I used a set, one on top and bottom, on both main blades and the tail blades for that matter.
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Edge blades will require 1mm on top, 1mm on bottom. It can be a little tricky to get them in there and lined up but it should be a snug fit before you tigthen the blade grips down. You really don't want to bend the metal .
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Rob Cherry
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Most if not all 700 class blades will require spacers. The X7 grip roots are 14mm. This thing is engineered for the future. It seems to have been built to be stretched, to run 750s or 800s, both of which have 14mm roots. Why else would it have been so over-engineered...

Yah baby, sign me up to run 753s and a 10K motor on this thing when there is a stretch kit available!

Go Gaui!

Originally Posted by vr360 View Post
You really don't want to bend the metal .
My god, I hope no one has ever tried that!
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I noticed the SAB blades fit just fine with a little torquing on the blade grips and they are nice and snug with no spacers. I don't even think the SAB 693's came with spacers.
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