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Question O.S. Max 105HZR Engine

Hi guys,

Has anyone installed the new OS 105HZR on there Avro and does it give a noticable power boost. Also has anyone heard anymore about the flybarless head from blitz like the one Dave Fisher has installed. Would the flybarless head and OS 105 engine give the Avro a bit more power.

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From James Mahoney the US distributor- there are NO plans for a FBL head FROM BLITZ for the Avro 90.

I think if you REALLY need more power-YS120. When I first flew my Avro 90 I had an OS 91 HZR Speed 3C- and wasn't impressed. I replaced it with a YS91/Hatori combination and the difference is like night and day.

You need to choose the gear ratio to suit your motor and run 30% Nitro and learn to tune it. It isn't meant to be a 3D type heli, smack performance just isn't going to happen. For F3C-especially the big air I don't think power is an issue.
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OS105 is better all around than the YS120. I have both and the YS120 is a pain to tune and is VERY sensitive and tempermental.... The OS 105 is easy to tune and produces A LOT of power on both 15% and 30% nitro. The YS has plenty of torque, but not quite as powerful as the OS105 and only likes 15% fuel. Another option is the 91 speed motor. This one has great torque and really easy to tune on 30% with a little extra shim work.
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