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Default Any way to know what Ali/Elv max pitches you are running?

Is there any way to check what max pitch throws on the bird your are getting from the settings you are using in the Tx?

For example of what I'm asking, just got done doing a TRex 450 Pro from an old SE.

With the old SE some people before FBL would say 6 degrees (I think) for Ali/Elv for mild flying was a good setting but might go up to 8 or more for the full Tx stick throw, if they were looking for better 3D.

With the Pro's head setup, that could be done easily if not a little more and kinda is one of the things the Pro is supposed to essentially have over say the Sport is the ability to do this.

So to adjust these you might use your swash mixes or maybe your D/R settings and look at this on the bird with a pitch gauge and then set your Tx to what ever gave you those amounts.

So just wondering if say I set my D/R to 85% and then I decided to go to 100%, first what did I have with the 85% and then what does going to 100% change that too?

Kinda think there isn't a way but just thought I would check.

Thanks for any help.
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You are correct, there is no way to know. The MB has always got the full amount available to do with as it pleases, as necessary to deliver approriate flight performance, roll or flip rates, for what ever mode you are in. Even on the most mild of settings, say Normal mode, it still has up to the limit set at step L to play with.

Flying in say normal mode, the MB will define a performance rate for the heli, perhaps equivalent to a very mild FB set-up of say 5 degrees, but who knows what this number actually is, it will just have a 'feel' of a tame heli. It also adds the equivalent of some expo etc, to make it easier to control around centre, but it is not known what these values are either. The key point here is that even though the heli might 'feel' like a mild FB set-up, the MB can still use all of the 12-14 degrees (whatever you have) that you set at step L, if conditions dictate that it needs to in order that it still behaves like an FB heli with 5 degrees. Again, I should confirm that this is a figure that I have picked out of the air, as we don't actually know what these figures might be similar to or not.

Any given mode, including Tx mode has these same features, it is just that in Tx mode, as you increase travel adjust, the MB will make the helicopter perform in a more and more aggressive manner, giving it the 'feel' of an FB heli with say 9 degrees of cyclic, up to the physical limits of your helicopter, and the limit defined in step L. Not even sure how it works as it gets close to L, as it may retain some overhead in order to cope with wind conditions, so that it can still give consistent roll and flip rates, even when conditions might otherwise disturb it.

In addition to this, the values you might see on an FB bird do not directly map to the values seen on an FBL set-up anyway, so what can you do with the values if known?

Lastly, I would suggest there is no actual reason to know. If you up an FB heli to 7, and it is too slow, you would up it again to 8, using swash mix, etc. You still wouldn't know how fast it was going to be until you tried it, and you would tailor it to suit your requirements, by keep adjusting the value. With an FBL heli you just up the travel adjust. You try 90% and it is too slow, so you try 95% and it is still too slow so you try 100% and it is a little too fast, so you go back to 97, etc. Just the same as changing the value in the swash mix for an FB heli. You wouldn't really need to measure the pitch in there either, you could just up it in say 5% increments until you were happy with the way it flew.

I went 3 years and had learned to fly pretty well before I even bothered to measure the cyclic pitch of any of my helis, and I'm not even sure it told me anything when I did. For example, what does knowing it is 8 degrees on aileron mean on your FB heli? Each type of heli will perform differently with 8 degrees anyway as it depends on an awful lot of factors on the heli. How tall it is for example, where the battery is positioned, etc, etc.

The great thing about the MB, or probably any FBL controller, is that for any given radio output, pulse width, the MB should be able to deliver the same performance from any of your helis, as long as long as you remain within its physical limits. At least that's the way it seems to perform on all four of mine. I have them all set with quite high limits at L, and I use the same radio for all, with the same settings, and I seem to get the same performance. This allows me to fly the 250 just as I would the 450, 550 or even the 600.

I hope this makes sense.


Regards, Sutty
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I measure what my cyclic is when I am in step L after it is adjusted for no binding and of course at exactly mid stick 0 collective. This gives you direct control of the swash as you are setting the limits so there is no binding. While it may not be perfectly accurate do to the control loop when The beasty is in flight ready mode I still think it gives a good idea of maximum available. Of course this is the limit the beasty can use for correction but if in tx mode and your endpoints are cranked up there I bet it is pretty close to what you get full stick cyclic!
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when setting the cyclic limit, 12░ up to 16░ cyclic pitch (depending on the heli weight, size..) should be possible anyway. This is needed for proper operation of the control logic.
Anything lower could cause not consistent bahaviour on the elev/aile axis, like bouncing, too slow rates, smooth mushy feeling ...

Always think about a flybar head, where it was usual to have up to 25░ on cyclic when flybar is tilted and control is in the same direction.

best regards
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There is no way to know what you are setting up in regards to cyclic pitch when using the MB. You set the limits of the system and then the MB uses what it needs to correct for changes. If regards to feel you need to adjust this through the parameters and expo to get it to feel the way that you like....

Hope this helps....
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