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I like the sim but their business model may not be the best. Like others have stated, people need to get payed to develop new models and a one time cost for the sim may not generate enough cash flow to sustain that kind of productivity.
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Originally Posted by hamstar78 View Post
that why i suggest they charge a small fee like the app store of 99 cents or 1.99 then they could pump out the models. if you fly the sim as much as i do then you will get sick of any heli no matter what canopy is on it. that why i started to erase the canopies on phoenix and fly without a cano just to change it up. that and the fact that some of the new helis out i will never get a chance to fly or own but with the sim i can. then they can still give us the free blade crap they always throw in. i will bet a million dollars the next helis in are the 450x or the 300x from blade
I totally understand where you are coming from. For all purposes, you should be sim'ing to learn (and learning isn't always fun). But, I get it. Having a little change can help overcome the monotonous grind of the sim.

I really think that either directly, or indirectly, Blade helps 'fund' Phoenix. I think that's why you see a priority of Blade helis. But, that's pure speculation on my part.
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