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Default F3n for a novice

Hi all, I was just reading the manoeuvres list on the fai web site for the f3n comps. All the manoeuvres are listed with a k rating. The easiest is 4.0 and goes up to 10. Now, I was hoping to do my first contest next summer but after seen that list it's goin to be a few summers before that happens.

Just wondering is there other moves you can do in a contest our does it have to be picked from the list the fai send out at the beginning of the year?

Like, could you pick moves from the fc3 list and do them in a f3n comp??

Our can you just do your basic moves properly, like rolls, loops and pirouettes ect.?
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You need to pick them from F3N list.
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Your routine must be picked from the available moves. If I recall there is a minimum amount to include.

It's a great place to start and it's nice to hear that you understand it will take a while to perfect. Remember F3N is about accuracy. You may be able to throw a bird around and "look" like you're the best but you may suck by "F3N" judging.

do some video searches on F3N
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if its any thing like other FIA stuff there will be different list for each skill level
for some one starting out you would pick off the Sportsmans level list
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