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Originally Posted by drakonis View Post
did you do a stall turn right up in front of yourself? i would only do them at the ends of my flight area im using. never in front of myself.
Two answers: 1) yes, and 2) not intentionally.

The heli was past me and heading downrange when I pulled it up, but evidently not far enough. I was looking into a single-digit headwind at that point, so that contributed some. As soon as the rotor disc is vertical, a 450 can cover a lot of ground downwind in a short time. I'll judge it differently next time.
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I fly through it because that's how I practice on the sim. After a save, depending on the orientation, I'll bring it back in a hover for a few seconds, or if it's something simple like a banked turn, I'll keep flying the manuever. I don't fly back to back packs, so I always have a breather between packs to go over what happened in my head afterwards.

That said, I do have to consciously relax after a save, as I'll notice my knees are locked or my fingers are twitching.
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